Chick Lit

The Louise Fawley Symphony. Rikki Evans

Children’s Fiction

Martha the Seaside Cat, and Other Stories. C.M. Bryden

Ane the Last Witch. Tony Bury

Crime & Mystery

The Chemical Reaction. Fiona Erskine. Oneworld Publications (2020)

The Fatherland Files. Volker Kutscher. Sandstone Press (2019)

The Chemical Detective. Fiona Erskine. Oneworld Publications (2019)

Our Little Secrets. Peter Ritchie. Black & White Publishing (2019)

Dead Stock. Rachel Ward. Sandstone Press (2018)

Stitch Up. William McIntyre. Sandstone Press (2018)

The Cost of Living. Rachel Ward. Sandstone Press (2017)

Last Will. William McIntyre. Sandstone Press (2017)

Darkness Falls. Tony Bury

Historical Fiction

A Parcel of Fortunes. Frank Ahern

Ursula and Bandares. Judy Pascoe

The Venus Madonna. Bella D’Arcy Reed


Inside Edmund Carson. Tony Bury

Edmund Carson – The One. The Only. Tony Bury

Literary Fiction

Celestial Bodies. Jokha Alharthi. Winner of the Man Booker International Prize 2019. Sandstone Press (2018)

The Accidental Recluse. Tom McCulloch. Sandstone Press (2018)


Bride Squad Runaway. Caroline Grace-Cassidy & Lisa C. Carey. Black & White Publishing (2019)

Love Me Not. Jacqueline Falcomer

Science Fiction

Hurst. Robin Crumby

Wildfire. Robin Crumby

Cuckoo. Emily Jones


Murder at the Music Factory. Lesley Kelly. Sandstone Press (2020)

The Health of Strangers. Lesley Kelly. Sandstone Press (2019)

Death at the Plague Museum. Lesley Kelly. Sandstone Press (2019)

Young Adult

Crown of Feathers. Nicki Pau Preto. Black & White Publishing (2019)

Time Passages. M.J. Dermott

How to Look After an Alien. Sven Hallin

Crush in Paradise. Aimee Parr


We Don’t Die of Love. Stephen May. Sandstone Press (2019)

A Message from the Other Side. Moira Forsyth. Sandstone Press (2017)

Guguli. Joobin Bekhrad

Return to Yellow Dykes. Valentine Jones

If Only…! David A. Wilson