Copy-editing and proofreading

I offer copy-editing and proofreading services and work with publishers and literary consultancies.

If you are a self-publishing author and are not quite sure whether your manuscript would benefit from copy-editing or proofreading, the CIEP offers good advice:

What is copy-editing?

What is proofreading?

How does ADL Editorial work?
You can get in touch via email and let me know what you are looking for. I will generally ask to see a sample of the work so that I can assess how much work may be required and how long it is likely to take based on the word count. Once a time frame and a fee have been agreed, we can begin.

A Fresh Pair of Eyes
It is essential to have somebody take a fresh look at your work as it is easy to miss things when you have not only written it but probably read it multiple times.

Rates are based on word count, rather than an hourly rate. Once I have seen a sample of the work, I will be able to give you a quote. If you have a budget I can also look at working to this.

I also offer the following services:

  • Transcription

How it works…
You send me the audio file and I transcribe it in Intelligent Verbatim (with or without slang), or Verbatim.
Time codes can be used where required.
My experience includes transcribing interviews, focus groups, lectures, seminars, conferences, reports, dictation etc.

Rates are per audio minute and dependent on the nature of the work to be transcribed e.g. the number of speakers.

  • Copy typing

How it works…
You send me the files or source to be copy typed and I reproduce the text in Word, Excel, etc
My experience includes copy typing an e-learning course onto a Word document, PDF documents onto Excel spreadsheets, handwritten notes/documents onto Word documents etc.

Rates are per word count